List of activities and the associated burnt calories.

Calories Burned Activities

•  aerobics
•  badminton
•  baseball
•  ballet
•  basketball
•  boxing
•  biking
•  canoeing
•  climbing
•  cricket
•  cycling
•  dancing
•  exercise
•  elliptical
•  fishing
•  football
•  fencing
•  golf
•  gymnastics
•  hiking
•  jogging
•  judo
•  karate
•  kayaking
•  kick boxing
•  pilates
•  rope jumping
•  rowing
•  rugby
•  running
•  sitting
•  skating
•  skiing
•  sleeping
•  soccer
•  softball
•  spinning
•  standing
•  step aerobics
•  swimming
•  tae kwan do
•  tennis
•  treadmill
•  volleyball
•  walking
•  water polo
•  weight lifting
•  yoga
•  zumba

Calculate the calories burned for a range of activities ranging from sports through to everyday activities such as calories burned walking or cooking. Simply type your weight and time spent doing the activity. Results are given for the activities in kcal burned or kilo calories burned.

Calories Burned for over 50 different activities

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You can also find the calories burned, if you would like to burn more per day from our complete database of over 600 different activities. Type in your activity and click 'search'.

Calories Burned: Activity Search

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Alternatively you can browse the energy expenditure for common activities from the links below. We also have a basal metabolic rate tool to calculate the numbers of calories required to survive without doing any exercise. You can also find the calories in different food items by using our nutrition search tool or see our database of food items sorted by calories present.

Calorie Tools

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