Last update - 26th April 2014

If you have spent many hours increasing your fitness in the gym or pounding the roads for weight loss, should all of the hard work come to an abrupt halt for two weeks on vacation, of over indulging with poor food and excessive drinking. If you want something different from your vacation then there are alternatives - Fitness Vacations.

Your holiday vacation is the perfect time to experiment with new sports and fitness activities. Cycling, swimming, horse riding, Water skiing, water sports, beach volleyball are all common enjoyable weight loss activities you can do on vacation, so check out our guide! We have a new, updated and more comprehensive guide here, why not have a look.

Fitness Vacations - Resorts

Sonki Fitness - Hawaii Fitness Vacation USA, Hawaii
Fitness Vacation in Hawaii.

Mountain Trek
A Natural Spa Vacation combining hiking, a luxury spa retreat and boot camp to provide the perfect fitness vacations. Based in the mountains of British Columbia with certified coaches and fitness professionals.

Bella Beach Boot Camp
Fitness Vacation and Boot Camp Vacation in Ocean Sands Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale (Pompano Beach),FL as well as small resorts in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Birdwing Spa Health and Fitness Resort USA, Minnesota
A 300 acre lakeside estate with all inclusive packages including fitness activities, wellness and weight loss presentations and Salon treatments. There are a wide range of classes from core workouts to bodypump and circuits.

Cal a Vie Spa for health and fitness USA, California
A San Diego North destination health spa vacation retreat offering a range of personal programs to rival any hotel or resort spa. The resort combines European fitness Spa philosophies with Californian programs based on health, fitness and nutrition. Classes include Kickboxing, Core Work, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

Lenox Canyon Ranch USA, Massachusetts
Health and fitness vacation resort in the Berkshires and discover how to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life with their broad range of activities, weight loss classes and personal training for all levels. There are a range of individual and group sports some of which are seasonal and include kayaking, tennis, hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country and downhill skiing.

Tucson Canyon Ranch USA, Tucson, Arizona
Health hotel and fitness resort with over 40 classes per day for all levels of activities. Includes many different activities both inside and outside.

Chiva Som health and fitness resort Thailand, Prachuab Khirikhan
Over seven acres of tropical gardens, and 58 luxurious rooms with ocean views. There are 70 treatment rooms, including a kinesis studio, flotation pool, large outdoor swimming pool, and the usual sauna for the perfect vacation and a weight loss alternative to a fitness boot camp.

Coastal Trek Fitness Resort Vancouver Island Canada, British Columbia
Luxury health and fitness resort specializing in fitness, health, weight loss and general wellbeing. Includes hiking, exercise classes, yoga, gourmet cuisine and luxury accommodations to promote weight loss with a variety of weight loss programs. This is a fitness boot camp that you can take at your own pace.

Copperhood Inn Retreat and Spa USA, New York
A complete weight loss and detox spa and wellness resort. Includes customised treatments, hiking, walks, and classes such as tai chi, yoga, capouera and dance.

Deerfield Destination Spa USA, Pennsylvania
Based on a victorian house can accomodate 33 guests. There are multiple classes per day ranging from pilates and yoga to boxercise. There is Qi gong in the morning followed by circuit training, dance classes and evening yoga. So if you are up for a fitness boot camp or just general weight loss and feeling healthier this is an excellent option.

Echo Valley Ranch and Spa Canada, British Columbia
Vacation activities includes hiking, horse back riding and bird watching! There is also white water rafting, mountain bike trails and other guided excursions. There is also yoga, eating right for your blood types and meditation.

Fitness Ridge - Biggest Loser Resort USA, Utah
Boot Camp Resort used from the Biggest Loser program in Ivins, Utah. Facilities include pilates, yoga, strength training and a comprehensive set of fitness tests for this premier fitness boot camp vacation.

Golden Door Fitness Spa USA, California
Comprehensive fitness spa vacation with complete set of facilities including tai-chi, yoga and meditation and a variety of classes. Personal fitness guides are on hand to help you through the facilities and a tailored program if you are looking for a boot camp vacation.

Green Mountain Fitness Resort at Fox Run USA, Vermont
Healthy weight loss retreat for women. Includes fitness classes such as kickboxing and Zumba for all levels. There are also a range of workshops on body image, healthy weight loss and stress management.

Heartland Spa USA, Illinois
Fitness and health spa in Chicago, Illinois. Tailored classes include aerobics, body sculpting and Bosu with over 30 different classes to pick from.

Hills Health Ranch Canada, British Columbia
Award winning destination health and fitness spa in 20000 acres of land with daily health and fitness programs. Activities range from canoeing horse back riding through to cycling and yoga. Onsite nutritionists, body therapists and lifestyle counseling.

The Kerr House USA, Ohio
Offers 3 day, 5 day, weekend and single day programs to help manage life stress and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Fitness programs include a boot camp vacation, yoga and aerobics.

Lake Austin Health and Spa Resort USA, Texas
Broad range of activities with a packed agenda of events for your vacation. Classes and activities include Yoga, kayaking, Bosu and pilates. The resort has 40 rooms and is well worth a look.

The Oaks at Ojai USA, California
Relax with a range of massages, healthy cuisine and 16 fitness sessions per day ranging from yoga to aqua cardio, dance and pilates.

Rancho la Puerta Mexico, Baja California
A well equipped and beautiful spa resort with over 50 health and fitness classes per day to help with weight loss and increase your fitness levels. The resort has one of the widest ranges of activities including pilates, strength trainning, tennis, dance classes, volleyball and tennis.

Red Mountain Resort and Spa USA, Utah
Holiday packages include weight loss, detoxification and a fitness boot camp vacation. The resort includes 82 rooms and 24 villa suites with fantastic views. The resort offers a lot of outdoor activities and a variety of personal trainers and weight loss programs.

Spa Eastman Canada, Quebec
Offers a range of health and fitness treatments including reflexology, massage, sports massage. The fitness programs offer personal yoga consultations, fitness assessments and a total shape-up program for a fitness boot camp.

Tennessee Fitness Spa USA, Tennessee
Interesting facilities such as an ice cave, water wheel and natural bridge. A range of indoor and outdoor activities are offered including racquetball, hiking, yoga, pilates and stretching classes.

Smart Workout's Fitness Vacation USA, NY
Smart Workout's all-inclusive vacation for fitness and weight loss, is set in the northeast against the rich cultural backdrop of New York City.

If you would like more information about fitness vacations or would like to advertise a vacation or a spa resort then please contact us.

Quick Guide to your Fitness Vacation

Plan Your Activities for your Fitness Vacation in advance

Explore and research the available facilites and accomodation at the vacation resort or destination Spa. Gyms are common place but you should check for water activities and pilates and yoga classes. Don't be afraid to ring up and check out exactly what facilities are available and explain your health goals and what you would like to achieve from your stay. There are often activities available that you might not have considered that could open up a potentially new hobby or interest.

Acclimatize quickly for your Fitness Vacation

You will have travelled to your destination so altitude and jet lag can have an effect. Remember to ease into the training, which is particlularly important for a boot camp vacation. Be aware of your body and what it is saying, but there are qualified fitness instructors to help you through the process. If you are heading to a hot destintaion try early morning or late evening training to start with.

Explore the local area

Hire a bike to find out about the local area and interesting sites or take a hike to get a feel for the area at the start of your vacation. You can find out about the local sites and fitness activities, and get your work out done at the same time!

Decide on Your Goal

Are you looking to increase your fitness and relax or are you looking for a hard core boot camp vacation that will shock you. A boot camp, can be effective however they can also be quite demanding and so you have to decide if this is what you want. A benefit of the fitness boot camp is it can be life changing and can create a new you in a short period of time.

Returning Home after your Fitness Vacations

Keeping active during your fitness holiday vacation will enable you to come back into training feeling refreshed and invigorated, and maybe even having achieved some weight loss. But remember to have fun it should be a holiday!