1 Servings


 1/2  c  Reduced-calorie mayonnaise or salad dressing 
 1/2  c  Reduced calorie dairy sour cream 
 1  tb  Snipped fresh parsley 
 1  tb  Thinly sliced green onion 
 1  ts  Dried dill weed 
 1  ts  lemon juice 
 1/2  ts  Salt-free seasoning 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Dill dip Recipe:

Serve as a party snack with fresh vegetables or with pita bread cut into
triangles and toasted in the oven. Each tablespoon of dip has 34 calories
and three grams fat.Stir together all ingredients.
Store, covered, in the refrigerator. Makes 1 cup dip.

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