6 servings


 19  oz  chick peas; canned, drained 
 1/4  c  tangy dressing recipe 
 1/4  c  celery; chopped 
 1/2  ts  basil 
 1/4  ts  curry powder 
 1/4  ts  garlic salt 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Mock egg salad Recipe:

Real egg salad contains quite a bit of fat from the egg yolk. This
version provides the egg salad taste and protein with almost no fat.
Serve it stuffed in a tomato on a lettuce leaf, or open-faced on
whole wheat toast, garnished with cucumber slices.
Coarsely mash chick peas. Combine with dressing and other
ingredients. Mix until well blended. Food processor may be used but
a coarse texture is more like a real egg salad.

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