4 Servings


 1  c  flour; wholewheat 
 1  c  flour; white 
 3  tb  wheat germ 
 2  tb  cornstach 
 2  tb  baking soda 
 1  ts  baking soda 
   salt; optional 
   sugar; optional 
   water; to mix 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Eggless pancakes Recipe:

Combine all the dry ingredients. Add water, starting with 1/2 c &
beating well. Add enough water till you have the consistency
desired. If you prefer thicker batter, add less water, thinner
batter, add more water.
Fry in a very lightly oiled skillet till brown, flip & continue to
cook the other side.
VARIATION: Substitute the wholewheat flour with millet flour, or
buckwheat & omit the wheatgerm.

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