4 Servings


 8  oz  pork; lean, boneless or ground turkey water 
 2  ts  chili powder 
 16  oz  tomatoes; cut up 
 1  ts  sugar 
 3   celery; stalks, sliced 
 1/4  ts  garlic powder 
 1  md  onion; chopped 
 1/4  ts  cumin; ground 
 1  c  lentils 
 3/4  c  spicy tomato juice 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Lentil chili Recipe:

1. Trim any fat from meat. Cut meat in 1/2" cubes.
2. Heat a non stick saucepan or pan sprayed with cooking oil over medium high heat.
3. Brown meat quickly stir in undrained tomatoes,celery,onions,lentils,water,tomato juice, chili
powder,sugar,garlic and cumin.
4. Bring mixture to a boil;reduce heat. Cover and simmer for about one hour or until lentils are tender.

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