10 Servings


 2   Envelopes plain gelatin 
 1/2  c  Boiling water 
 1  cn  (16 oz.) sugar-free crushed pineapple, raw 
 1 1/4  c  Low-fat ricotta cheese 
 2  ts  vanilla extract 
 1/2  ts  Ground cinnamon 
 5   Envelopes vanilla sugar-free milkshake mix 
 1  pn  salt 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Italian ricotta pineapple cheesecake Recipe:

Sprinkle gelatin over water in a saucepan. Wait 1 minute then heat gently
until gelatin melts. Meanwhile, combine undrained pineapple and ricotta in
a food processor, using the steel blade. Process smooth. Add melted gelatin
along with remaining ingredients; process smooth. Spoon into a 9 or 10 inch
pie pan and chill until set. Cut into wedges to serve. (Garnish with fresh
berries or other fruit if desired.)

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