1 loaf


 1  c  Plain yogurt or buttermilk 
 1/4  c  Butter 
 1  tb  honey 
 1  pk  Dry yeast 
 1/4  c  Warm water 
 2   eggs 
 2  c  AM Millet flour 
 1/2  c  AM Soy flour 

Preparation for Low Fat and Healthy Millet bread Recipe:

Combine yogurt and butter in saucepan, heating slowly to melt butter.
Dissolve yeast and honey in the warm water; add yogurt mixture and blend.
Beat in eggs; add flours and beat well. Pour into well-oiled 4" x 8" loaf
pan and let rise for 45 minutes. Bake at 375 F. for 40-45 minutes or
until done. Cool before cutting.

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