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Martingdale's Sports Calculators Excellent list of Sport and nutrition calculators. One of the most comprehensive lists online.
Active Trainer
Active lets you choose from several program options for running, biking, swimming and more. Simply sign up (for free), pick your sport or race and get your training schedule online.
This website, like other exercise sites, provides hundreds of articles about every aspect of exercise. What makes this website stand out is its focus on accurate information based on scientific study and research. Good for coaches, fitness professionals and the fitness enthusiast.
FitWatch Fitness Tracker
FitWatch is a way to keep track of your exercise program with this free online fitness tracker.
Global Health and Fitness
Online personal trainer and weight loss program. It costs $50.00 a year to get a full program with cardio workouts, resistance training guidance and regular check-ins with your trainer.
Gym America
Get a customized workout from Gym America that includes motivational emails from your trainer. Includes cardio, weight training and more. Cost: up to $129.
Jana, a personal trainer based in Los Angeles, has some great articles at her site about exercise, nutrition, strength training and more. Jana offers online personal training services as well or, if you're in L.A., set up a free consultation with her for face-to-face sessions.
Internet Fitness
Comprehensive website that focuses on value of health and fitness. Get advice from leading fitness experts about fitness and health, as well as informative articles covering every aspect of exercise.
Mr Trainer
This site offers video workouts for upper and lower body, as well as CD ROMS for the computer-savvy. You'll also find fitness calculators and helpful articles about weight training, cardio and more.
My Fitness Expert
My Fitness Expert offers online personal training. You'll fill out questionnaires about your goals and exercise options and then get matched up with an expert. Your fitness expert will help you build a personal workout calendar, customize your workout, track your progress and give you feedback. Prices range from $19.95 per month to $29.95, depending on the program you choose.
My Workout Partner
This site offers online personal training for $19.95 per month. They have a library of exercises you can view at your leisure and they'll set up a personalized program for much less than you would pay at a health club.
Peak Physique
This site offers online personal training programs. For $30 a person, you'll get a comprehensive 8 week strength and conditioning program which is personalized for you based on your goals.
Professional Fitness
Nick Ortego offers online personal training, including and individualized program for cardio, weight training and flexibility. His site also offers articles, recipes and links to other fitness resources.
Professional Fitness
Nick Ortego offers online personal training, including and individualized program for cardio, weight training and flexibility. His site also offers articles, recipes and links to other fitness resources.
Sports Performance Group
The Sports Performance Group is a personal training company that specializes in online personal training, for individuals and groups. They also sell fitness products at discount prices, including heart rate monitors, skinfold calipers and more.
The Motivation Station
This site features online personalized fitness programs, free weight loss support groups, motivational articles, fitness products and more.
TOPFIT Personal Training
Online training packages from Patrick Frey as well as helpful exercise articles and tips. There are several packages to choose from, including 4 to 12 week programs, basic consultation and nutritional guidance, starting at $50.
At you won't necessarily get individual guidance from a trainer online. However, if you're savvy enough to set up your own program, you'll find cardio and weight training workouts for all fitness levels.
Workouts For You
Personalized workouts including cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises. Choose a customized program that includes motivational support, weekly workouts and email consultations or sign on for the basic program for access to their workout library to can create your own workouts. Prices range from $12 to $30 per month.
Workouts for Women
This website offers online personal training to help women reach their goals the easy way. You'll get resistance training workouts (plus pictures and demos) and regular emails to help you stay motivated. See their site for the latest package deals.

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