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Fitness Vacations

Last Update - 7th August 2015

If you have spent many hours in the gym or pounding the roads should all of the hard work come to an abrupt halt for a two week vacation in the sun, drinking and over indulging. If you want something different from your vacation then there are alternatives - Fitness Vacations.

Holidays are the perfect time to experiment with new sports and activities. Cycling, swimming, horse riding, Water skiing, water sports, beach volleyball are all common activities you can do on vacations so check out our guide! We have a new, updated and more comprehensive guide here, why not have a look.

Fitness Vacations - Resorts

Sonki Fitness - Hawaii Fitness Vacation Fitness Vacation in Hawaii.

Green Valley Spa and ResortHealth Spa vacation retreat in Utah includes Hiking, Rock Climbing, and Fitness Classes.

Mountain Trek A Natural Spa Vacation.

Bella Beach Boot CampFitness Vacation and Boot Camp in Ocean Sands Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale (Pompano Beach),FL as well as small resorts in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Birdwing Spa - Minnesota - USA
A variety of classes including: Focus on Flexibility, Stability Ball, Core Conditioning, Travel Workout, Cardio Blast, Trek & Train, BOSU, BODYPUMP, and Cardio Circuit Weights.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa - California - USA
Variety of daily classes: Kickboxing, Circuit & Core Training, Hiking, Pilates, NIA, Spinning, Step Aerobics, Tai Chi, Walks, Waterworks, Yoga.

Canyon Ranch in Lenox - Massachusetts - USA
40 fitness classes daily, personal training and many guided or independent outdoor activities. All fitness levels and interests.

Canyon Ranch in Tucson - Arizona - USA
40 fitness classes daily and many guided or independent outdoor activities. All fitness levels and interests.

Chiva-Som - Prachuab Khirikhan - Thailand
Mind & Body Work, Aerobics & Strength Classes. Flexibility & Muscle Tone Programs. Emphasis is on mind and body work.

Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort - British Columbia - Canada
7 day hiking and fitness program. Increases physical conditioning and promotes weight loss.

Copperhood Inn & Spa - New York - USA
Daily hikes and power walks, fencing 3x/week; Capouera 1x/week; tai chi, yoga, pilates 1-2x/day; dance 1x/week.

Deerfield Spa - Pennsylvania - USA
12-14 classes/day including: Boxercise, Bootcamp, Pilates Flexaball Resistance, Cybex, Short Court tennis, multi lelvel hikes, Sport Court games

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - British Columbia - Canada
Outdoor adventure activities offered daily; Ruesri dat ton (Thai stretch class)offered daily, suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Fitness Ridge - Utah - USA
Program is centered on fitness with flexibility, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise. Hiking, aqua, Pilates, yoga, dance.

Golden Door - California - USA
Variety of classes at all levels offered daily. Receive a personalized program for your week, and an At Home program to incorporate into daily life.

Green Mountain at Fox Run - Vermont - USA
Guests have positive fitness experiences in group setting with exercise physiologists. All fitness levels. Several times per day.

The Heartland Spa - Illinois - USA
An impressive selection of fun fitness activities, including aerobic and strengthening classes, as well as relaxation classes offered daily.

The Hills Health Ranch - British Columbia - Canada
Full daily schedule of fitness classes including, aerobics, ball exercise, pilates, and classic cardio plus guided outdoor activities.

Hosteria Las Quintas - Morelos - Mexico
10 classes offered daily, cardio-gym with treadmills, stairmaster, eliptic trainers, stationary bicycles, free weights and Universal equipment.

The Kerr House - Ohio - USA
Rebounder aerobics & yoga offered daily.

Lake Austin Spa Resort - Texas - USA
A variety of classes including: Focus on Flexibility, Stability Ball, Core Conditioning, Travel Workout, Cardio Blast, Trek & Train, BOSU, BODYPUMP, and Cardio Circuit Weights.

The Oaks at Ojai - California - USA
16 sessions daily - from hiking to yoga, aquatics to dance!

Rancho la Puerta - Baja California - Mexico
A staff of instructors teach 50 fitness classes daily: hikes, walks, dance, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, yoga, Pilates, stretching and more.

Red Mountain Spa - Utah - USA
30 classes daily for all levels: Chi Ball, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ah Chi, Stretch Programs, Treading, Spinning, Living Drums

Spa Eastman - Quebec - Canada
7 group fitness classes per day, everyday. Stretching, Butts and Abs, resistance training, Fusion,pilates on swiss ball, Aerobic Tai chi.

Tennessee Fitness Spa - Tennessee - USA
Classes offered daily--aerobics, weight training, aquacise, walking, stretch, toning; yoga--2x/week; pilates--3x/week (beginning, intermediate).

If you would like more information about fitness vacations or would like to advertise a vacation or a spa resort then please contact us.

Quick Guide to your Fitness Vacation

Plan your Fitness Vacation Activities

Check the facilities available at your accommodation and the resort. Many hotels have gyms but there are often watersports or yoga classes available too. If you can, ring the hotel and enquire about facilities and don't forget to pack your trainers and training gear!

Acclimatize for your Fitness Vacation

Jet lag, heat and altitude can make even the easiest of workouts seem exhausting so take it easy for your first couple of days. Listen to your body and give it time to adjust. Run early morning or late evening to avoid the heat and swim at midday rather than trying anything too energetic.


Hiring a bike for the day or throwing on your walking boots are amongst the best ways to see local sites and attractions. As well as discovering places you didn't know existed, you'll also be working your lower body.


After a couple of days into your holiday, you'll be more adjusted to local time and the heat, and overall you'll feel more relaxed. Now is a good time to think about increasing your training. Running or power walking on sand will work at your cardiovascular fitness and lower body toning or, if you're a water babe, why not try swimming or waterskiing? Working out was never so much fun!

Little extras

If all that sounds a bit too much like hard work, you can always work out without leaving your sun lounger! Leg raises and arm stretches are easily performed from the comfort of your lounger or stretching and abs workouts can be done in the privacy of your hotel room!

Back home

If you keep your body active and challenged during your holiday, once you return home it may only take you a few days before you're back into your usual training programme. While your body and muscles will have benefited from the rest, your mind will be revived and your motivation high!

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