Many of the current techniques for body and weight analysis such as the standard Body mass index do not take into account the different body frame sizes.

One easy way to determine your body frame size is to wrap your thumb and major fingers around the smallest part of your wrist.

  • If your fingers overlap, an estimate for your frame size is a small frame.
  • If your fingers just touch, an esimate of your frame is a medium frame.
  • If your fingers do not touch, an estimate for your frame is a large frame.

Add 10 percent for a large frame size, and subtract 10 percent for a small frame size to the ideal weight calculator.

If you want a more exact measure to calculate your body frame size use either your wrist circumference or elbow breadth (see below for a description to measure elbow breadth).

Body Frame Calculator

Are you male or female?      
Input wrist size or        
elbow breadth        
Input your height
  in one of the three rows
feet   inches   
 Frame Size =   

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To calculate elbow breadth hold your arms in front of you extended and horizontal and your palms are facing up. Next you should bend the elbow so that your forearm is now vertical and 90 degrees to the horizontal. Next put your index finger and thumb either side of the prominent two bones on the elbow. Then use the same thumb and finger to find the elbow breadth, which is done by using a ruler to measure the gap between the thumb and finger. Finally simply enter the values in the above body frame calculator.