Your body fat percentage measurement can be obtained using instruments like skinfold calipers. Other indicators such as weight or body mass index although userful are not as good in indicator of health compared with - Body Fat Calipers.

Using body fat percentage rather than your weight when following a weight loss program can be more motivational and will also give a better indication of the increase in health. Probably the cheapest and quickest way to accurately measure and monitor body fat is by using calipers.

Skinfolds - Body Fat Calipers

Body fat or skinfold calipers take skinfold measurments on predetermined sites. The calipers pinch the skin and a measurement is taken to determine the thickness of the skinfold (or skin pinch) to determine your body fat.

Best Calipers

Among the best skinfold calipers are the Harpenden Skinfold Caliper, Lafayette Skinfold Caliper, Lange Caliper, Accu-Measure Calipers, Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper.

The body fat caliper measurement should be carried out by an exercise professional and repeated to give a reliable test. The skinfold measurement should also be taken before exercise since the increase in blood cirulation during physical exertion may cause the skin to swell. There are other options such as body fat scales, bioelectrical impedance, under water or hydrostatic weighing.

Bioelectrical Impedance to Measure Body Fat

Bioelectrical impedance sends an electical signal through the body which is a very low level. Lean tissue has a high percentage of water and allows the electrical signal to pass through quickly. Fat tissue has a lower percentage of water and is a poor conductor of electricity and so the signal passes through slowly.

Hydrostatic Weighing Tanks

This method to measure body fat is arguably the gold standard but is also the least practical. The process involves blowing out all of the air from your lungs and then being submerged underwater in a large water tank for approximately five seconds while you are weighed. Air in the lungs can make the measurement inaccurate. Obviously this is less accessible than fat calipers.