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Amino Acid List

Last Update - 7th August 2015

They are vital to the body and used in virtually all body processes from regulating the way the body works to how the muscles function. They activate and utilise vitamins and other nutrients.

Essential amino acids
•  Isoleucine
•  Leucine
•  Lysine
•  Methionine
•  Phenylalanine
•  Threonine
•  Tryptophan
•  Valine
  Non-essential amino acids
•  Alanine
•  Arginine
•  Aspartic acid
•  Asparagine
•  Cysteine
•  Glutamic acid
•  Glycine
•  Histidine
•  Proline
•  Serine
•  Taurine
•  Tyrosine

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