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RDA for a 37 year old female

Here are the recommended dietary allowances (RDA), according to the US Food and Nutrition Board (FNB), for nutrients for a female, age = 37 years.

Click on our list of nutrients which includes all vitamins and minerals. Each link gives a description of sources, benefits, 3D pictures and the problems that deficiency may cause.

(Note: nutrients with a star indicate Adequate Intake or AI because no RDA can be established)

 vitamin A = 700 (micro-gram)
vitamin C = 75 (mg)
vitamin D = 5* (micro-gram)
vitamin E = 15 (mg)
vitamin K = 90* (micro-gram)
thiamin = 1.1 (mg)
riboflavin = 1.1 (mg)
niacin = 14 (mg)
vitamin B6 = 1.3 (mg)
foliate = 400i (micro-gram)
vitamin B12 = 2.4 (micro-gram)
pantothenic = 5* (mg)
biotin = 30* (micro-gram)
choline = 425* (mg)

calcium = 1,000* (mg)
chromium = 25* (micro-gram)
copper = 900 (micro-gram)
fluoride = 3* (mg)
iodine = 150 (micro-gram)
iron = 18 (mg)
magnesium = 320 (mg)
manganese = 1.8* (mg)
molybdenum = 45 (micro-gram)
phosphorus = 700 (mg)
selenium = 55 (micro-gram)
zinc = 8 (mg)
potassium = 4.7* (g)
sodium = 1.5* (g)
chloride = 2.3* (g)

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