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Low Fiber Foods List

Last Update - 3rd September 2015

We have sorted our database of over 7000 food nutrition items based on fiber in 100 grams to give a list of low fiber foods.

This food list, shows the fiber content in foods from Butter, salted through to Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk. The amount ranges from 0 g through to 0 g of fiber in 100g. To get a full nutrition breakdown which can be scaled for different food amounts, simply click on an item from the list of low fiber foods.

Please remember that this gives an indication of low fiber foods. For example 100g of Butter, salted contains 0 g of fiber. However, this is not the only consideration when assessing your nutritional requirements and fiber in your diet.

To follow a low fiber diet, you should also consider portion sizes. Using the example of Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk, which has 0 g of fiber in 100g, but a portion size might not be 100g.


Low Fiber Calculator - Food List

Butter, salted - fiber0 g
Butter, whipped, with salt - fiber0 g
Butter oil, anhydrous - fiber0 g
Cheese, blue - fiber0 g
Cheese, brick - fiber0 g
Cheese, brie - fiber0 g
Cheese, camembert - fiber0 g
Cheese, caraway - fiber0 g
Cheese, cheddar - fiber0 g
Cheese, cheshire - fiber0 g
Cheese, colby - fiber0 g
Cheese, cottage, creamed, large or small curd - fiber0 g
Cheese, cottage, nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd - fiber0 g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 2% milkfat - fiber0 g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 1% milkfat - fiber0 g
Cheese, cream - fiber0 g
Cheese, edam - fiber0 g
Cheese, feta - fiber0 g
Cheese, fontina - fiber0 g
Cheese, gjetost - fiber0 g
Cheese, gouda - fiber0 g
Cheese, gruyere - fiber0 g
Cheese, limburger - fiber0 g
Cheese, monterey - fiber0 g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk - fiber0 g

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Fiber and Nutrition Facts - Top 201 Foods

a banana, an apple, an egg, an orange, wine, grapes, watermelon, chicken breast, beer, strawberries, alcohol, avocado, coffee, rice, blueberries, chicken, egg whites, red wine, pizza, broccoli, salmon, sugar, carrots, almonds, shrimp, cucumber, steak, honey, a pear, popcorn, milk, pineapple, lettuce, bacon, cantaloupe, orange, a bagel, a peach, celery, oatmeal, butter, cherries, grapefruit, pasta, brown rice, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, baked potato, bread, white rice, peanut butter, cheese, corn, salad, a big mac, a potato, white wine, a slice of pizza, french fries, hard boiled egg, sweet potato, nuts, orange juice, green beans, tuna, skim milk, fish, butternut squash, peanuts, hamburger, green grapes, cottage cheese, yogurt, brown sugar, olives, cheesecake, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, meatloaf, quinoa, a mango, beef, chilis, cheerios, chips, cod, coke, granola, iceberg lettuce, mango, pecans, raisins, saltine crackers, soy milk, spinach, spirulina, turkey, turkey breast, tuna salad, walnuts, whole milk, oats, cabbage, beets, beans, garbanzo beans, mayonnaise, fried chicken, tofu, kiwi, lentils, pomegranate, kale, black beans, coconut, jello, ice cream, dates, spaghetti, kidney beans, hot dog, cheddar cheese, hummus, eggplant, white bread, lemon, zucchini, tangerine, nectarines, artichokes, plums, whole wheat bread, coconut milk, ham, cranberries, apricots, honeydew, papaya, prunes, prune juice, ricotta, halibut, sea bass, scallops, deer, cauliflower, olive oil, garlic, apple juice, cranberry juice, asparagus, barley, basil, peppers, pepper, brussel sprouts, buckwheat, cashews, cheddar, chili peppers, coriander, doughnuts, dill, fennel, figs, flaxseed, tea, onions, lamb, yams, hazelnuts, leeks, goats cheese, lima beans, millet, shiitake mushrooms, rosemary, sardines, mustard greens, navy beans, parsley, pinto beans, rye, sausages, sesame seeds, soy sauce, soybeans, summer squash, winter squash, sunflower seeds, swiss chard, thyme, tempeh, turnip greens, a shake, a cheeseburger, nachos, chocolate, a granola bar, chia seeds

Foods Low In

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