Carl's Jr.® Raspberry Nestea® Nutrition Facts

Welcome to the page for Carl's Jr.® nutrition.Here is the complete breakdown for Carl's Jr.® Raspberry Nestea® nutrition facts. The nutrition facts which includes Raspberry Nestea® calories are for 1 Regular of Carl's Jr.® Raspberry Nestea®.

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Amount of Carl's Jr.® Raspberry Nestea®



Carl's Jr.® Raspberry Nestea® Nutrition Facts and Calories

calories (kcal)0.00
carbohydrates (g)160.00
fiber (g)42.00
protein (g)0.00
fat (g)0.00
calories from fat (%)0.00
saturated fat (g)0.00
cholesterol (mg)0.00
sodium (mg)0.00
total weight (g)21.00